About Us

Mazco Propellers is a leader in Quality Hi-Performance Propellers. Each propeller has over 30 years of experience and dedication behind it.

The company was created in the 1970’s by John Mazar and by the late 80’s was doing prestigous propeller work for the OMC Hi-Performance Group (Second Effort) Formula I Race Series. Our propellers powered Gene Thibodeaux to his 1986 title of World Champion.

An article appeared in “Hot Boat” magazine publishing the results of an “Outboard Flyer Test”. Our props were well represented and as the article states, “He (John Mazar) simply knows how to build props for fast outboards.”

A new APBA kilo record was established in April 2005 by our blueprinted Mazco RE Propeller. The “fastest Bass Boat in the world” was driven by David Shook and reached a record speed of 116.594 MPH.

Other World Champions such as Al Stoker, Fred Bowden, Ron Baker and others were winning with Mazco propellers. In the Offshore Circuit Bob Erickson, Rick Felson and others were winning many races and setting kilo records. These people needed an edge and they got it.

Drag Racing has been extremely popular with our propellers “Tearing the Water up”. Customers such as Ro Yale (Unlimited Outboard Champion for 1998), Jay Fisher, Galen Burden, Dave Bush and others have chosen Mazco Drag Wheels for their success. Please call Mazco Props for prices on any of these propellers.

Stern drive performance boaters have enjoyed enhanced performance due to the Mazco HP4 Series. It gives excellent propeller performance with lots of lift.

All Mazco Propellers carry a one-year warranty from the date of purchase on hub and blade failure. The liberal exchange program consists of a 30-day trial period. If the customer tries the prop and it is the wrong pitch, it can be exchanged for the correct one as long as no damage to the prop has occurred. There is a restocking charge of ten percent of the cost of the propeller plus freight. This allows the customer to get the right propeller. If the propeller needs an adjustment such as more cup, there is no charge except for freight, if done within 30 days of purchase. We feel this gives the customer a chance to maximize their boat performance.

Mazco Propellers also offers propeller Blueprinting for specific applications on all major brands of stainless propellers. This service includes “fine tune,” reworking, thinning, balancing and hand polishing for maximum performance. Gains of 1 to 5 MPH are normal. Call us for pricing.
Please contact Mazco Propellers @ (601) 620-7206. Plant operations are from 8:00AM – 5:00PM Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex and Paypal