What is Pitch?
Pitch is the distance that a propeller would advance in one revolution. The two kinds of pitch are constant or true pitch, which means the pitch is constant throughout the blade, and progressive, which starts lower at the leading edge and increases to the trailing edge. Pitch is measured in inches.

What is Rake?
Rake is the angle of the blade to the center of the shaft and is measured in degrees. Most performance propellers are angled aft to give boats more lift without ventilating the propeller. The two common types of rake used in performance boating are parabolic and straight rake. Parabolic rake is an off-center rake line that gives the blade an appearance of a spoon-like effect. Straight rake is basically flat across the blade.

What is cupping?
Cupping is a slight curl on the trailing edge to reduce ventilation and also gives more lift capability. It increases the overall pitch ½ ” to 1″.

What is the application for the HP4?
The HP4 works great on Bass Boats, Performance Boats and Stern Drives. It carries a load better than the three-blade propeller, so most of the heavier boats will find it performs great. Bass Boats such as Triton, Champion, Skeeter, Ranger, Bass Cat, Gambler, Charger and others will find it has excellent lift capabilities and fantastic speed. The prop works great on “cats” with stern drive power, such as the Eliminator Daytona Series, Stoker Sport Tunnel and others. It also works well on step bottom “V” hulls with stern drive power.

What is the application for the RE Series?
This is a great propeller for lighter weight boats such as Allisons, Bullets, STVs, Cougars, Hydrostreams, Stokers and others. It will ventilate on take-off and provide good lift and fantastic top-end speeds. It holds the world record for the fastest Bass Boat at 116.594 MPH on an Allison.

What is the application for the RE 4 Series?
This propeller will give you a good hole shot, but will ventilate on take-off with great midrange and excellent top end. The mid range performance with this prop is a lot quicker than the RE and provides great stability.

What is the application for the O.S. Series?
This is an outboard propeller designed for maximum speed with minimal bow lift. It is actually a transom-lifting prop. Usually “cats” such as Skaters, Talons, Eliminator Daytonas, Cougars and others with twin and triple motor applications work well with this prop. For single engine applications on boats such as: STVs, Allisons, Hydrostreams etc. this propeller is a good choice with one person and an extremely light load.

Propellers and set up are extremely complicated and each situation is unique. What will work and perform well for one customer will not always work for another due to the number of variables. We have tried to answer some of the common questions that people have and realize we have not covered everything. For an exact selection for your specific situation give us a call today and we will help you make the correct propeller purchase for your boat.

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