HP4 Propeller

HP4 Mazco Propeller

The Mazco HP4 (Hi-Performance, 4-blade) propeller is the next generation of propellers to come from the highly successful line of Mazco Propellers. This propeller was developed for the bass boater, outboard performance enthusiast and the performance stern drive to yield a great hole shot and excellent top end.

The OT (over and thru-hub) design of this propeller yields the best of two worlds in performance. the 4″ diameter tube allows the propeller to “loosen up” for take off without “bogging the engine”. This results in a great hole shot with no hub drag at the planing speeds.

Each propeller is a one piece casting and is cast in 15-5 P.H. stainless steel, so it is extremely strong and durable. It is formulated with modified progressive pitch and parabolic rake for maximum lift. The blades are thinned for ultimate speed and handling, but are still thick enough for durability and longevity. The propeller is balanced to precise standards and is polished to a mirror finish to reduce drag. Each of our blueprinted HP4 propellers is assigned an identification number. The number is stamped on the propeller and is added to our permanent records.

The HP4, with its 14″ diameter is available in the following pitch sizes: 23″, 24″, 25″, 26″, 27″, 28″, 29″, 30″, right hand rotation.

For the performance enthusiast who wants the ultimate propeller, the HP4 is waiting for you.

Price: $599.95(15 Spline)
(19 Spline Merc Fat Shaft 2001 and Newer) $749.95

Available now in limited pitch sizes with “Square Bore” hub cavities,  what this means is that, with the correct replaceable hub, this prop can be made to fit Mercurys with the Fat shaft and the small shaft, and most other manufactures including OMC, Bombardier, Yamaha and Suzuki.