Mazco moves to Henderson Nevada

In October of 2016  the complete assets of Mazco, including 450 Propellers, tooling for each propeller design, pitch blocks to finish and repair Mazco props and the equipment to stock a complete propeller repair shop was purchased from former Mazco owner; John Mazar.  The new owner of Mazco is Kevin Taylor.  Kevin owns R&R Prop Shop in Henderson NV and will continue to operate R&R in addition to Mazco Propeller in Henderson.  Kevin has a wealth of experience in the high performance outboard boating arena, he has owned the R&R for over 22 years.  Kevin, along with the crew at R&R, are two-time class winners in the 300 mile Parker Enduro.  Kevin also races in the COR (Mod VP) class of APBA and is a consistent high points champion with his Merc powered ModVP Stoker.  Kevin and co-drivers Keith Locklier, Tim Carmack, and Rick Barron depend on Mazco propellers to power them to the winners circle.  The team at R&R will continue to make Mazco props like they were going on their own race boats……because they are.

Rick Testing


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