Mazco moves to Henderson Nevada

In October of 2016  the complete assets of Mazco, including 450 Propellers, tooling for each propeller design, pitch blocks to finish and repair Mazco props and the equipment to stock a complete propeller repair shop was purchased from former Mazco owner; John Mazar.  The new owner of Mazco is Kevin Taylor.  Kevin owns R&R Prop Shop in Henderson NV and will continue to operate R&R in addition to Mazco Propeller in Henderson.  Kevin has a wealth of experience in the high performance outboard boating arena, he has owned the R&R for over 22 years.  Kevin, along with the crew at R&R, are two-time class winners in the 300 mile Parker Enduro.  Kevin also races in the COR (Mod VP) class of APBA and is a consistent high points champion with his Merc powered ModVP Stoker.  Kevin and co-drivers Keith Locklier, Tim Carmack, and Rick Barron depend on Mazco propellers to power them to the winners circle.  The team at R&R will continue to make Mazco props like they were going on their own race boats……because they are.

Rick Testing


7 thoughts on “Mazco moves to Henderson Nevada

  1. Paul Moe says:

    Good Day Kevin. Congratulations on your Purchase on Masco Props.
    It’s good to hear that Masco was purchased to High Performance Boating
    enthusiast to keep up with the great Mazco product. I have some
    friends that use the Masco Props on their boats and they all speak
    highly of them. I’ve Purchased a 1998 Merc 225 Pro Max Sport
    with a Sportmaster Lower unit for Allison Grand Sport. I have a
    Hydraulic Jack Plate with a 10″ set back. Would like to put on a
    Masco R.E prop wondering on which Pitch would be my best
    choice. I currently been running a 26″ chopper prop on my other 225
    Merc. Should I possible move up to a higher pitched prop to get a little
    more speed but not to sacrifice RPM’s??
    Let me know what you think.
    Sincerely Paul Moe

    • Kevin says:


      You would need to tell me the RPM’s you are getting with your Merc Chopper before I could make any recommendations on changing pitch. I have had excellent reviews on the RE3 and RE4 on Allison GS’s. If you are currently close to 6800 RPM, then a slightly higher pitch would probably go faster, and I would try a RE3 at 27 Pitch (Low Rake)

  2. John Sawyer says:

    What would you recommend for a prop on a 2010 STV Euro with a 2010 Mercury 3.0L 225 Sport XS with a 1.62 sport master Lower unit

  3. Brett Seabrook says:

    Hi There I live in New Zealand I am running a lightweight 1800 Bullet with a short shaft modified 300x with torque master Gbox and Littleman alloy nose cone. I have torn a number of ET blades off props this year mainly due to circuit ski racing the ET’s are just not strong enough – could you air freight a Mazco cleaver to New Zealand please? and if so what email address can I contact you on please to place an order?

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